FAQ – Everything is OK!

Find answers to recurring questions and myths about Izmir. Please feel free for asking more.

Just walk along the coastline, it is the best view you will ever see.Read more from Perçin..
It takes around 30 minutes with the train and it costs 4 TL.
Generally No, even at night you re in a busy area and it’s very safe. If you have a lot of luggage you can take a taxi and it would cost no more than 10 lira. It takes 10 mins to walk to the hostel. Please follow the directions on the map page.
100 lira maximum because exchange rates in Turkey are very good and if you change money in the airport or in your country you will lose money in the exchange rate.
Yes, we are located in the city centre. Just ask our staff once you are there, and they will guide you.
Again, yes, we are located in the city centre. Ask our staff and they will help you.
Check in: 14:00 – Check out: 12:00
No, beddings are provided, and you can hire towels from us for 5 lira for your stay.
Yes, you will have lockers under your bed, which you can lock while you are away.
No, reception is for 24 hours and you can come and go anytime. Izmir is a 24 hour city.
Yes. Feel free to share.
As long as you do not bother other customers or people in the neighborhood, you are pretty much to do anything you want.
Yes, there are many good restaurants, and local fast food.
Yes, we have a fantastic kitchen that you will love cooking.
Yes, they’re very welcome to spend time in the lounge but they cannot go up to the rooms.
Yes, of course you’re welcome to hang out all day.